Ask for the Moon, and you will get it
Ask for the Moon, and you will get it

Ask for the Moon, and you will get it

 Recently, while tidying my bookcase, I discovered an old book that had pages that were becoming brown. It was a book that I have had for many years, even though I don’t recall buying it. It was worth the effort if it was kept for so long.

 Percy Ross, a millionaire and philanthropist who was born into a very poor family, wrote the book. At six years old, he was forced to sell eggs to his neighbors to support the family’s finances. He started his own egg collection at a young age. His father told him to give away an egg every now and again. He used this unusual gift to keep his customers interested and as a lesson for the future.


 He was a desperate child to have a bike, but his parents couldn’t afford it. He envied the luxury that he saw and determined one day to become a millionaire helping others.


 This book is fascinating and shows how he rose from poverty to wealth through hard work and engaging strategies. The book contains his secrets, the 10 rules for asking that he used to achieve so much.


 Percy Ross’ stories fascinated me so I Googled him. He died in 2001 at age 84. Two years earlier, he had shut down his newspaper columns, where people could submit their requests. He had also closed them two years prior with a note that said, “His purse is empty now, but he loved helping everyone.” In his lifetime, he gave away 30,000,000. He wrote a book in his seventies that he promised to give every penny he could.


 It must have been an honor to have known him. If you have a copy, this book is well worth the effort.


 His advice may help you get a loan for your business, just as it did for him. This book could be a great resource if you are looking to improve your life.


 He explains at the end how to choose exactly what you want, what to prioritize, and how to ask for what you need to realize your goals. He believed that if you ask the right questions, you can accomplish almost anything.

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