lisa massenger
lisa massenger

lisa massenger

Lisa Messenger is a name I’ve heard many times on social media.  


I didn’t know much about her books or the background to her magazines. I wasn’t sure what to expect.


 Life & Love was a gift that my mentor gave me and I instantly recognized the beauty of the cover. This book was chosen by my mentor with my growth in heart. Beautiful art, pages and cover that spill with admiration over the eyes of the reader makes it feel like you need to take in all the positive energy.


 I began reading Sunday night and was hoping to finish the chapter before going to bed. Halfway through, I was exhausted and had to stop. Her words were captivating and I was immediately hooked. Lisa draws you in with her love and every thought, message, and struggle she shares.


 This book was given to me by Lisa on a very short day. It was amazing that I could pick parts that made me feel ‘unapologetically and deliriously happy’.


 It is not possible to see this happening from just one person. Recognition is freely given. We are grateful for role models’ guidance and learn from them.


 This book almost allows us to be ourselves and to achieve great accomplishments while still wearing our hearts on our sleeves. I am encouraged to explore the different chapters of my story and accept whatever comes.


 The chapter on Attitudes and Gratitude prompted me to think about my mind space, and what I concentrate on.


 Confidence helped me realize that it doesn’t take much to lose what seems effortless.

 Friends and family reminded me of the fact that we should take what is most precious for granted.


 Love, love, love is a sweet reminder of what it was like and where we want to go.


 Each chapter, including these and many more, contains something I loved and was happy to see it happen. However, I believe that people will accept what they need. Depending on your mood, the book can provide you with positivity, creativity, and beauty.


 Before I finished, I ordered another one of these books and purchased my first Collective Hub magazine. I’m in love with this book and you will too. It is impossible to imagine someone not falling in love with this book, and Lisa in turn.


 Brenda Mitchell is the Head of Department for Property Management. She is currently in her 6th Year of real estate. Brenda is passionate about the industry. She strives to mentor and support her team by finding innovative ways to help them reach their full potential.

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