Paul McKenna, I Can Make You Smarter
Paul McKenna, I Can Make You Smarter

Paul McKenna, I Can Make You Smarter


 Paul McKenna is the author of a number of books, some of which I have already read. He is an expert in hypnosis, and he uses self-hypnosis on the accompanying CD’s. NLP and other exercises are also used by him. The book is supported by scientific research on how to use your brain more effectively. This book will help you increase your intelligences, from verbal to spiritual. Each chapter is accompanied by mind maps and summaries that provide a quick overview and review.


 Yesterday was an unusual day for me as I read this book. I was not confined to my bed, nor was I lazy. I actually read the first chapter the night prior and then continued reading in the morning while enjoying my first cup of coffee. I finished the book at 9.55pm, reading between chores and shopping.


 The book was easy to follow and provided a lot of information on how to use your brain more effectively. I couldn’t stop reading each chapter. One exception was the chapter on passing exams. Although it wasn’t relevant to me, I don’t plan to take them, but it is very important for students who are reading this book.


 You could practice the exercises within the pages or on the CD’s. I gave them to my Granddaughter if I didn’t already. To reinforce the exercises, you can play the CD’s at night.


 Although I’ve read many of Paul McKenna books, this book has impressed me more than any others. I find brain development fascinating and I’ve read several others. It appealed to my right now because I was trying to learn new techniques in my company and I am not very technical. I thought it would be helpful in overcoming the challenges. After I have been practicing the exercises for a while, I will be able to see the results.


 These included improving your memory, speed, decision-making and better memory. There was also a chapter that provided many insights into how to overcome negative self-images and improve your learning ability hundred-fold.

 It would be great to learn how to touch type quickly, speed read and make better decisions. I also need to improve my concentration and remember names of people.


 You can learn everything. Learning is an inherent ability that doesn’t diminish with age. There are scientifically supported exercises that will keep your mind active even after you are older, and you can learn as much at 90 years as you were nine years ago.

 I will be giving the entire lesson a fair try and need to grab the CD’s. This book could be useful for everyone, from students to businesspeople, to people who just want to learn more about their hobby or set up a business. If you are willing to follow the instructions and take the suggestions seriously, everyone could reap the benefits of this book.


 My goal is to improve my online business skills, make tasks easier with newfound confidence, so if you are interested in starting your own business it might be a good option for you. You could make more money now or expand your retirement savings by starting your own business. But no matter what your goals, work smarter, not harder.


 Anne, my name is. “We always aim to provide more value than you anticipate.” Best wishes for your venture. Take a look at this information to help grow your business FAST.

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