The Giant Within:
The Giant Within:

The Giant Within:

Awaken the Giant within. This book is amazing for reorganizing your life. This is a book that I read 20 years ago. However, I discovered that it had an even greater impact when I took it with me on holiday. It is said that the tutor will find the student when he or she is ready.


 It is shown how changing your beliefs and values can instantly change your thinking and make it permanent. He advocates making small, daily changes to improve your life and take it from where it is to where you want it to be.


 This book is about your values, beliefs, and rules. It explains how you can realign your behavior and change your beliefs to overcome any problem you may have.


 You will be amazed at how changing the order of your values can help you focus on different areas, and change what is most important.


 I found the only problem with the book was its size (530 pages), but the book is easy to read and you can accept the journey of transformation if you are interested in changing your life or behavior.


 Chapters show how people have transformed their lives after attending his personal development seminars. Anthony Robbins has made a significant change in his life through the use of these techniques. He now spends his time teaching others. At 24 he was already a millionaire, but years before that he felt depressed, overweight and a failure in every area of his life.


 If you feel unhappy with your life or don’t believe you are living up to your potential, take the book with you on vacation or make some time for reading. You can Google Tony Robbins to find out if he has written other bestsellers and produced motivational tapes. He also appears on American television and radio programs.


 Whatever your goals, you can achieve them by having the courage to make your dreams come true, improving your family relationships, and getting rid of bad habits such as drinking or eating disorders. This could also be the perfect opportunity to start your own business. Get a copy at your local library or book shop. I am sure you’ll find it just as interesting and rewarding as mine.

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