What is the Green Foods Bible?
What is the Green Foods Bible?

What is the Green Foods Bible?

 There are many green drinks. Since childhood, we have been taught how important it was to eat our greens. We used to wrinkle our noses as children and feed the greens to our dogs. We learn as adults that healthy eating habits are vital for our health. With our health and well-being, the old saying that you are what your eat rings true. Our bodies require the right nutrition to stay healthy. We eat so much processed food and fast food that our bodies are unable to fight illness and disease. Unnatural foods can cause illness and obesity in our bodies.


 David Sandoval’s  Green Foods Bible is full of information about green superfoods that our bodies need. Certain green foods are more beneficial than others for our bodies. The  Green Foods Bible is your “go-to” source for all things green and super.


 David Sandoval, a well-known public speaker, has spent the past twenty years researching nutrition and creating products that make it easier to take care of our bodies with the right nutrition. His book covers the details of his “Plant Based Nutrition Program”. This book is not intended to be an advertisement but a guide for better nutrition.


 Sandoval provides detailed information on nutrition benefits of eating superfoods and green leafy vegetables in this book. Every green vegetable, from leafy greens and kelp to kelp has specific nutrients that your body needs. These greens can even be prepared at home with instructions on how to make them taste great.


 The rise in illness, cancers, and other diseases is alarming. Many green foods can boost the body’s immune system to fight against illness and cancer. To fight off disease, the body requires green superfoods. The body cannot fight off illness and it often becomes more severe. Many western diets lack the nutrients provided by green superfoods.


  Complex, slow changes at the cellular level are responsible for many of the illnesses that modern medicine cannot treat. These changes are the result of a lifestyle that is dominated by processed, sugary, and fatty foods. A plant-based intensive diet program is the best way to revive the body at the cellular level, and give it the raw materials it needs to rebuild itself and function optimally” (39 ).


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