The Soil That Is You

The Dirt Called Our Hearts

Did you know that your heart is a specific type of soil … you’re dirt! Not in a bad way or to belittle you, but to uplift you and encourage you! Our hearts are the soil that God plants his goodness in! And the best part is that he plants different things in all of us; he might plant “seeds of service” into me and “seeds of faith” into you and to others “seeds of ______” (whatever he sees fit to plant and grow in you). Both are equally good and beneficial to his Kingdom here on Earth.

Here’s the thing though, we’re not all “good soil” yet. And that’s fine, Jesus doesn’t love you any less, it just means that he has some Gardening to do in your Heart so that you’re ready for his gifts and promises and all the Good Stuff he has for you. Take heart! He won’t leave you that way! Let’s take a look at the Soil that is You.

Our Great, Good, Loving Gardener – Jesus!

In Matthew 13, we find the Parable of the Sower. Read it, it’s good stuff! We see Jesus teaching his disciples on the different types of soil that people are.

Some of us are just Paths, with no soil available in our hearts, so when he casts his seeds of Love and Goodness, they don’t take root and are stolen away by the Enemy. This is similar to Sandy Soil: any seed planted won’t grow because it’s dry, it has no nutrients for the seed to feed on, and water dries up as quickly as it comes. Both the Path and Sand have given all of their nutrients and “Goodness” we’ll call it, away. There’s nothing left to give to the seed to develop good roots in, so it’s stolen or dies.

Some of us are the Rocky Soil, where the rocks in our hearts take up the room where the good soil should be. When the seeds start to grow, they grow shallow roots because of the rocks, and when trouble comes the plants are torn away because the roots are shallow. All because of the rocks within the soil of our hearts. Rocky Soil means that there is something Inside of You hindering Jesus’ Seeds to grow.

Others still are Thorny Soil, where the seeds inside of you grow, but with them also are thorns waiting to steal the Love and goodness and promises growing inside. They’re looking for every chance to stab deep into the purpose growing inside of you so that you’re not whole. They look to rob you of your identity and trade faith for doubt so that you question God’s love. We can liken this to Weedy Soil, something was put there to rob you of the nutrients and goodness needed to grow. Thorny Soil means there is something on the Outside of You trying to steal and suffocate the growing process of the Promises and Purpose God has created you for.

And then finally, there is the Good Soil. Where Jesus plants his Seeds of Goodness and they grow deep roots, which leads to healthy growth in Him. This Soil produces Goodness that spreads and multiplies. It is this soil-like-heart that Jesus wants to plant in most. Because these people hear the word, understand and love it, and then spread it. Look at an Apple Tree; a Healthy Apple Tree will produce a bountiful harvest of apples, and the seeds in those apples will go on to make more trees, then they will produce more, etc. We can go into more detail later if need be (email/text/ get ahold of me).

Keep in mind, this is all my understanding and explanation, Jesus gives his answer in Chapter 13 himself (again, read it!) to clarify and misunderstanding his disciples had. But there’s Good News, even if you aren’t “Good Soil” (meaning there’s something in your heart holding you back from living in Jesus and his Goodness [promises, gifts, peace, joy, faith, etc.]), Jesus will change that! He loves us enough to say “I have more for you, let me fix your heart so that you’re ready to steward my Seeds of Goodness well…”
But how does he do that?

The Gardening

Let’s recap briefly.

  • The Path/ Sandy Soil: The Seeds can’t even take root because there’s no Soil at all (sand or too trampled).
  • Rocky Soil: Something Inside of you (the soil) is hindering growth.
  • Thorny Soil: Something Outside of you is stealing growth and robbing you of the goodness that is growing. (Akin to weeds).
  • Good Soil: Jesus’s Seeds of Goodness grow deep roots and grow into thriving products that produce more goodness.

How do we go from “bad” to “good” though? A question that took prayer, meditation, and some study to find answers that blew my mind. And it all comes down to two simple words: Add Life. It’s so simple yet so profound! Life here is good, organic things like manure, potting soil with added nutrients, nitrogen, healthy and clean water, good air, etc.

How do we turn the Path/ Sand back into soil that is fertile and good for planting? Add Life! Add organic stuff like manure or even other nutrient rich soil into it and mix it together. Water it with the Water of Life (Jesus), and eventually it’ll turn back into the dark, saturated soil like the Good Soil.

How do we deal with the Rocks inside of us hindering Growth? Take the Rocks out! Then Add Life! Open your heart to Jesus and let him dig the rocks out! Then he’ll replace it with Life! Let’s be real though, it’s not easy, comfortable, or fun. But after that rock(s) leaves and you’re filled back up with Life (good dirt, water, air) you’ll feel renewed, fresh, and, most of all, free.

What about the Thorny Soil? Get rid of the Weeds! Then add life! Let Jesus get rid of the things stealing your joy, peace, security, etc.! He’ll take the weeds away (which also won’t be fun or easy) and Add Life back into you and replace what was stolen. But he won’t stop there, He’ll give you even more! Jesus won’t just trade 1-for-1, but he’ll set you back on track on living a Life of Fullness and Love in him!

Here’s what he does with the Good Soil. He still Adds Life! We might have Jesus’s Seeds growing inside of us, and we might be sharing his goodness with others and helping him plant more seed. But we’re still in need of maintenance. He’ll continually water us, trim and prune us, and Add Good Soil to us. When we’re living in his Promise and we know our Purpose and Identity, he’ll continue to plant in us. We might be sustaining a “Seed of Wisdom” well (for example), so he’ll plant something else in us so that we’re always growing. It’s humbling, to say the least.

We’ll probably be exploring this more in the near future. The more revelation I receive, the more I’ll give and share. For now though, let’s pray and let Jesus do a little Gardening in our Heart! Give us more of that Good Stuff Jesus!

One thought on “The Soil That Is You

  1. This is my first time reading your blog and it’s good stuff, Jacob! As I have a chance to process and think on it, I may have other comments to share with you.

    Thank you for sharing!

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